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Meet Joan


“I believe that how we age is based on the choices we make in our foods, our supplements, our home and personal care, and our attitudes. Whether 5, 55 or 85, we can age with energy, focus and fun if we become aware of what we choose each day.”

joanlubar-pic1Joan developed this philosophy from over 55 years of her own personal health experiences and that of her family.

Joan’s journey in the world of complementary wellness care and taking responsibility for her own health took her from being 40 and tired, falling asleep at work, and gaining weight to 40 years later being a vibrant, energetic and fun-filled senior.

She started her own health and wellness business after using alternative methods to regain her own health and moved into public speaking and health counseling since then. She has also worked with well-known nutritionists and physicians to expand her nutrition and health knowledge.

For many years Joan was a working parent as a CPA and Contract Servicing Analyst. Changing everything in her life, she became a Country Western dance teacher, and later a certified Wellness Educator and Nutrition Advisor.

joan_kidsLife always takes its twists and turns and for Joan, there have been many twists that brought her to the balanced, forward looking woman she is today. Helping her husband, who had Parkinson’s, also led her to learning about care giving plus enhanced her knowledge of improving the health and slowing the progression of these types of diseases. Without the nutritional support, John’s Parkinson’s would have progressed much faster and he wouldn’t have survived as long as he did.

For close to 40 years Joan has dedicated her time and energy to helping those who choose to be:

SMART about their health – looking forward to long, active, and healthy lives;

PASSIONATE about quality – insisting on purity in raw materials, valid science, and proven long term results for both people and a healthy Planet; and

COMMITTED to prevention and education – finding answers first with natural health choices and reserving the use of pharmaceuticals for emergencies and critical care.

Joan has a passion for helping others recognize their value and she emphasizes individual responsibility for one’s health plus gives solutions to make each day a vibrant, joyful one. Her book, “Rock & Roll at Any Age, A rebellious look at life, health & spiritual wisdom”, shares strategies to be youthful, fun-loving, and healthy throughout your life.

In 2023, she plans offer her “Rock & Roll at Any Age” group programs to personally assist others to create a life they love.

Enjoy this interview with Joan Lubar on “The Emerging Pearl Show” with Eliza Bone’.