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Joan Lubar ~ Top Hat Speaking

Joan Lubar ~ Top Hat Speaking

Joan Lubar is a former CPA and Contract Servicing Analyst, has been on the wellness business for over 28 years, helping others, like herself, take responsibility for their lives and their health.

She started her own health and wellness business after using alternative methods to regain her own health and has done health presentations and consulting ever since. She has worked with well-known nutritionists and physicians to expand her nutrition and health knowledge and has earned certifications in nutrition and wellness education.

Joan’s journey in the world of complementary wellness care and taking resposibility for her own health took her from being 40, tired, falling asleep at work and gaining weight to 30 years later being vibrant, energetic and fun filled senior. Life always takes it’s twists and turns. For Joan, there have been many twists that brought her to the balanced, forward looking woman that she is today. Helping her former husband, who has Parkinson’s, has also led her to learning about care giving plus enhanced her knowledge of improving the health and slowing the progression for people with these types of diseases.

Joan has a passion for helping others recognize their value, especilly seniors who are often treated like they are “over the hill”, and in her workshops she empahasizes individual responsibilty for one’s health plus gives solutions to make each day a vibrant, joyful one. She is currently writing a book on Self Care for the Caregiver and one called “Rock and Roll at Any Age”, strategies to be youthful, fun-loving and healthy throughout your life.

Joanlubar-pic2“It has been my pleasure to hear Joan Lubar speak on a number of occasions. I have known Joan for 30 years. I would recommend her for any speaking engagement. Joan does not take speaking to groups lightly. She makes sure she has researched the facts and is knowledgeable of the topic in any of her speaking engagements. For me the best part is her personality. Joan can make people relax and laugh. People always go home saying how much they have learned and will remember because of the way she presents the topic.”
~ Donna Shuster Titus


Joan Lubar
Email: joan@jlahealthstop.com

Phone: (503) 698-9493 and 800-325-3860

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