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Rock & Roll at Any Age!


Learn to Feel Fit & Fabulous with Joan Lubar, The Sassy Sage

When we are young we learn so many things that effect our belief systems – how we think about ourselves, what we believe about different groups, our religious beliefs, our views on life in general. As we age, we realize that many of those beliefs may no longer serve us or be what we currently believe. So now it is time to “unlearn” and find new beliefs to “re-learn”.

At 40 I was tired falling asleep at work and had an untreated thyroid condition. The doctor told me I was over 40, had had a hysterectomy several months earlier, and should therefore expect to feel tired and gain weight. To say the least I was furious when I left and felt determined to take responsibility for my own recovery of my health, my weight and my future.

Now at 80, I am fit, the right weight, and live life to the fullest! I feel Fit and Fabulous!! Why is this just my story? And why can’t everyone feel this way? Whatever your state of health today, improvement can be yours. It does take a commitment to accept responsibility for your own health, not as difficult as it seems at first. Are you ready to see what I have done? I will share my own stories along the way, so you can see how I got where I am today. I am no different than you. I only made a decision to begin a change to my life and it has evolved to the “fit and fabulous” way I feel today! Why not Rock & Roll at Any Age?

I was born the same year as Paul McCartney. I was at the beginning of my teen years when rock and roll became popular and, as someone who loves to dance, that was perfect for me!! Rock & roll is so freeing, so rebellious and energizing. As we age, so many think we have to be a certain way, dress a certain way and behave “appropriately”, whatever that means. Why not be rebellious? Why not age in a way no one expects? But, we have to feel great to be able to accomplish this. Right?

Rock & Roll at Any Age looks at the whole picture of ourselves and offers ideas, techniques and products that I have used close to 40 years to keep me youthful, excited about life, productive and healthy. I go through what I consider all of the main categories in building an optimal life in 4 areas – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. When we get these in balance, we can change our lives! Are you ready to become a part of the change? Let’s do it!! Let’s Rock & Roll at Every Age!!