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Joan Lubar

Speaker ~ Writer ~ Nutrition Advisor ~ Wellness Educator ~ Entrepreneur

Joan, a “recovered” CPA, has been in the wellness business for over 30 years, helping others take responsibility for their lives and their health. She started her own health and wellness business after using alternative methods to regain her own health and has done presentations and health counseling since then. She has also worked with well-known nutritionists and physicians to expand her nutrition and health knowledge and has earned certifications in nutrition and wellness education.

Joan’s journey in the world of complementary wellness care and taking responsibility for her own health took her from being 40 and tired, falling asleep at work and gaining weight to being a vibrant, energetic and fun-filled 75+, feeling fit and fabulous!

Life always takes its twists and turns. For Joan, there have been many twists that brought her to the balanced, forward-looking woman she is today. Helping her former husband, who has Parkinson’s, has also led her to learn about caregiving plus enhanced her knowledge of improving the health and slowing the progression of these types of diseases through natural means.

One of Joan’s loves is dancing, which she has done since she was 5! Just put some good, rhythmic music on and you will see her begin to move!! Over the years she has taught, competed and judged in the Country Western world and now enjoys ballroom dancing for fun. Her theme is “Rock around the Clock!”

Joan has a passion for helping others recognize their value, especially seniors who are often treated like they are “over the hill”, and in her workshops, she emphasizes individual responsibility for one’s health plus gives solutions to make each day a vibrant, joyful one. Part of her mission is to help older adults stay vital and engaged as they age, feeling and looking as youthful as possible, as long as possible. They then can participate and be reconnected with their communities as viable contributors with their experience and wisdom.

In addition, her passion is helping stressed-out professional women and moms and those over 40 who are trying to prevent accelerated aging. This means to help women be able to work more flexible hours from home, keep children and parents healthier and off the usual drug cycle, and to minimize many age-related aches, pains, wrinkles & weight gain.

She is also passionate about helping families be as healthy as possible. Having had an ADHD child, she is very interested in helping parents learn ways to help their children with this challenge and potentially minimize/eliminate drug use.

Her book, called “Rock and Roll at Any Age”, published in January 2017, is filled with strategies to be youthful, fun-loving and healthy throughout one’s life.

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“Rock & Roll at Any Age is full of truth and fun. Getting older does not mean inevitable decline or invisibility. Read this book and start living now!”
Christiane Northrup, MD

“I have known Joan for probably 5 years now and she is passionate and knowledgeable about nutrition and health issues. She continues to educate herself on Women’s issues…Take a moment to listen to Joan…she is very sincere and her mission is to help people.”
Pam Sheehan, Age 70

“Joan’s passion for personal and professional greatness is infectious, and she thrives on coaching both groups and individuals to find their own GREATNESS in all areas of their life.”
Sherrie Smith

“It has been my pleasure to hear Joan speak on a number of occasions…I would recommend her for any speaking engagement. Joan does not take speaking to groups lightly. She makes sure she has researched the facts and is knowledgeable of the topic in any of her speaking engagements. For me the best part is her personality. Joan can make people relax and laugh. People always go home saying how much they have learned and will remember because of the way she presents the topic.”
Donna Shuster Titus

“If you’re looking for the real deal of energy and vitality, Joan Lubar-Alvarez is it! Joan lives her life with such passion, people half her age pale by comparison. As a supplements health expert, Joan is a walking encyclopedia of what it takes to live a life filled with energy. One of Joan’s greatest passions is speaking in front of groups of virtually any size. You will be wowed with her excitement, knowledge and expertise. For your next gathering, or to gain insights on how to personally improve your health, Joan is the one to call on.”
Kathleen Gage, Business consultant, author, speaker

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