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3 Secrets to Not Gain Weight Over the Holidays

It’s a fact!  The holidays are the time of year more weight is gained than any other season. Chances are you’ve experienced this.

Guess what!  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Below are some great strategies to help you either maintain or even lose unwanted pounds over the holiday season.

Strategy #1:  Are you starving yourself the day of a party so you will have room to enjoy all of the great food you know will be there?   NO NO NO!!!

If you have starved yourself all day, you are now ravenous and anticipating all of the goodies you will encounter at the party.  Not only is this bad for your blood sugar, it will also make your body think you need to conserve the food you need for health and slow down your metabolism.

What to do:

  • Feed yourself normally  the whole day, emphasizing protein to keep your blood sugar stable.
  • Before going to a party, drink a large glass of water, preferably with  lemon in it, and eat a snack high in protein.

I recommend a protein shake, even 1/2 meal replacement shake that is high quality to help you feel more satisfied before you arrive.

  • If you are into supplementation, take a high quality balanced B-Complex to keep your sugar cravings to a minimum and to calm your nerves.   Before you leave, get “centered” with deep breathing and imagining you are at your favorite location, relaxed and at peace.

Strategy #2:  What do I do when all of those sugary sweet goodies and yummy holiday alcoholic drinks are being offered?

What to do:

  • Party Time:  Your first choice at a party – eat protein.  Again, this is to keep your blood sugar balanced and to fill you up BEFORE partaking of the cookies, candies and alcohol offered.  Decide ahead of time how many drinks you can handle, especially if you are driving.
  • At the office?  Drink a glass of water and eat some protein before heading to wherever all of the goodies are being offered.  Minimize your trips past the sweet table or desk of those who brought them.

Strategy #3:   What to I do the rest of the time?

I have a friend who wanted to stop smoking but didn’t want to gain weight in the process.  He decided to go on a diet on the day he stopped and never gained a pound.

While I don’t recommend dieting during the holiday (or ever) I do recommend eating with intention.  Be clear about your choices (this works all year round too)

What to do:

  • Be SURE to have Breakfast and that one part of the breakfast is high in protein.  Again, I am all for smoothies in the morning – make them as interesting as you like, just make sure you have added a high quality protein powder.  If you are never sure about lunchtime, you may want to consider a meal replacement shake or bar or the full eggs, toast, and even a strip or two of bacon.  Most people feel that takes too much time so I recommend the smoothie.  The purpose again is to keep your blood sugar balanced so you won’t overindulge.
  • Lunch – Following the theme above, be sure to have some protein for lunch, along with some fruit or veggies.  Since so many sweets will be available during the holidays, hold off on desserts at any regular meals.  Again, you can add a B-Complex to your meal to minimize cravings.  It can even give some energy, as well!!
  • Snacks –  Again you want some protein –peanut butter on crackers or toast, a high protein snack bar or ½ protein shake.  Have cut up veggies and fruit available, as well, in case you are a grazer.  This can keep you away from those cookies you baked for family and friends….
  • Dinners – Of course, I encourage the same choices as above, and, because this is a main meal for many, I recommend less beef and pork, more veggies to fill you up, and fruit for dessert, if you need it.
  • After dinner indulgences – Decaf coffee (you do want to sleep later), tea or hot apple cider can take care of the need for something to stop you from the cookie jar.  Sit down and relax!
  • Stay Active!   What do you love to do?   Distract yourself from the food table and the cookie jar by doing everything from exercise to reading to visiting with friends and calling family.   You might even work once in a while too J.  ENJOY yourself!  What if you treated yourself to a massage or a spa treatment?  Be creative.

One last “bonus” thought – there is NO SUCH THING AS FAILURE!!   Everyone of us have had days when we didn’t meet our goals or fell off our plan.   When you do, not only accept it but know that it is NOT the end of the world AND you can begin again.  Remind yourself of all of your successes and be proud of yourself!!

For more ideas, some helpful packages to keep you consistent, and some of our other help to relieve the stress of the holidays, please contact me.

We have some special holiday offers to keep you enjoying the holidays with the minimum amount of effort.

To the best of the season,

Joan Lubar-Alvarez