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Build Your Immune System

Pharmacist Rusty Ost has been helping people get healthier and build their immune systems for many years. He does a series of articles called “Phyto-Bytes” on building health with nutrition. Here is an article on a particular product, Nutriferon, that has a significant effect on building and maintaining a healthy immune system. Should you want further information on Rusty’s library of health information, his email is at the bottom of this article. If you are interested on learning more about immune health or Nutriferon, please contact me.


By Rusty Ost, RPh
Member of National Association of Natural Medicine Pharmacists


The newest product in Shaklee’s growing line of hi-tech herbal supplements is Nutriferon. It is an exclusive blend of four key herbal ingredients…extract of pumpkin seeds, plantago seeds, safflower seeds and Japanese honeysuckle flower buds.

First, let’s take a look at the immune system. The immune system protects the body against infections by bacteria, viruses and other parasites. It is really a collection of responses that the body makes to infection. So it is sometimes called the ‘immune response’. Researchers looking for answers for how the immune system worked discovered a protein in the body called ‘interferon’. The protein interferon, produced by animal cells when viruses invade them, is released into the bloodstream or intercellular

fluid to induce healthy cells to manufacture an enzyme that counters the infection. Scientists also determined that the body makes three distinct types of interferon. These three types have been called alpha, beta, and gamma interferon. A different type of white cell in our bodies produces each type of interferon present in our bodies. Alpha interferon has also been found effective against chronic hepatitis B, a major cause of liver cancer and cirrhosis, as well as for treatment of genital warts and some rarer cancers of blood and bone marrow.

Now back to Nutriferon. The Japanese scientist who discovered and isolated interferon as a key component of the immune system began to screen herbs to their ability to cause the body to produce interferon. He worked with Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical’s Consumer Health Institute to optimize this formula for the production of interferon. IBC therefore increases the body’s natural defenses by increasing the effectiveness of the macrophages, which are white blood cells that patrol the body looking for invaders. When they encounter these invaders and they are determined to be unhealthy, the white cells‘consume’ the bad cells much like Pac Man in the video game.

No other company in the world has anything close to this unique product. Nutriferon will optimize the immune response against environmental irritants, airborne substances, as well as viruses and bacteria. This product can be taken daily to maintain a healthy immune system. Shaklee’s Defend and Resist would still be appropriate at the ‘first sign of a cold’, and the two products would complement each other. We are looking forward to this product adding years to our lives and ‘life’ to our years!

For Rusty’s Herbal Remedies CD series or for seminar availability, he may be contacted at: Email: rustyost@aol.com or 239-945-3423

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