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Life Changing Short Stories

When you have used and shared Shaklee products for yourself and others’ health programs, as long as we have, you hear the most miraculous stories about so many people!  I would like to share a few and maybe you will read something that can change your life, as well!

First is our story – both myself and my former husband John – Then check out the other stories of interest to you!

In 1983 I had some major surgery,  just couldn’t get my energy level back and was also gaining weight.   As a single mom with 2 teenage boys and a full time job, that just wasn’t working!

A colleague introduced me to her neighbor – I thought to tell me what to buy at the health food store – and I heard about Shaklee for the first time.  All the research and philosophy of purity and being in harmony with Nature sounded great, but did it work?  She told me I would get my money back if it didn’t and, needless to say, it not only worked – no more falling asleep at work and I started losing weight – but today I can go out on the soccer field with my grandson and actually play with him!!

John’s story is quite different and much more dramatic.  Originally, Shaklee’s products help clear up his diverticulitis – so he was convinced he had something really helpful.  Years later, in the mid 90,’s he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.  We immediately started researching and talking with others on ways to help him stabilize and to keep the use of medicine at a minimum.  It’s been over 15 years [ written in 2012]and he is still mobile, able to do many things and lives a pretty normal life.  There was one glitch, however, and that was a major back problem – actually MANY problems – from years of sports, dance and even some serious accidents.

In 2010 John had major back surgery, including fusions, rods and screws put in – We measured his scar and it is 12 inches long, not including the 2 other scars for the first part of the surgery where they went in from the the front and side.   To make matters more difficult, Parkinson’s and anesthesia do not go together well so we knew there would be residual effects on the brain (and we didn’t know how long they would last).  Our fantastic neurosurgeon had told us 6 months until John was out of pain and 2 years before he would be completely healed.  NOT SO WITH SHAKLEE!!   His nurse practitioner from the Parkinson’s unit of the hospital requested he be given Vivix, the powerful antioxidant, cellular anti-aging product that has helped him so much with his brain function.  Sure enough, 2 WEEKS after surgery he was completely out of pain.  With the other nutritional support after leaving the hospital, John was released from the doctor’s care after only 10 MONTHS!!  Dr. Nemecek said John was in about the top 10% of his patients recoveries after such extensive surgery!!!