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An Amazing Alzheimer’s Story

Here is a great story from Atlanta, GA –

In the Fall of 2009 I attended [a] Shaklee Business training in Atlanta, Ga.

  On the second day,  the leader of the training asked for 
testimonies from the group about VIVIX.

  The 60’s something woman at a nearby table immediately raised her 
hand to share what she and her sister had witnessed after they 
started giving VIVIX to their Mom who had been diagnosed  with Alzheimer’s 5 years ago.
 Before VIVIX,  they had tried many medications,  but the drugs
 actually made their Mom worse.  They were taking care of her at 
home,  hated the results of the drugs,  and discontinued [them].  

 Before VIVIX their Mom had not dressed herself in 2 years,  had to
 be fed all her meals,  and recognized very few family members.  She had very little interest in anyone or anything and rarely spoke.

One day during the second month of taking VIVIX,  their Mom began
 to talk some every day….and one of the first things she said was, 
”I want to go to the kitchen and fix myself a peanut butter
 sandwich.”   This from a lady who had not fixed herself a meal in

After three months on VIVIX the daughters believed that their Mom was recognizing most of her guests.  So they got out the family album and asked her to point to the 
members of the family that they named for her.  She identified most
 all of the family members!

After three months on VIVIX their Mom was feeding herself, dressing 
herself and enjoying her company.  She is moving around more and 
obviously feels much better.
These daughters decided that they needed to be Shaklee distributors because of the miraculous reversal of Alzheimer’s symptoms that they witnessed after they started her on VIVIX.

Resveratrol is the primary ingredient of VIVIX.  Dr. David Sinclair’s  research proved that this substance repairs & protects DNA at the  cellular level.  That is the only possible explanation for this wonderful health testimony.

Debbie G