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Optiflora, Miserable Digestive Issues and Success at 83!

Optiflora Works Like A Miracle!

My friend’s 83 year old grandmother, Millie, has experienced the worse 2 years imaginable. It began with chronic diarrhea. Nothing Millie or her doctors tried brought this condition under control, so the doctors performed a colostomy and managed to cut the stoma too short: It was inverted. The bag would never attach properly, so the area around the stoma became ulcerated and Millie lived with the fear of the bag popping off.

A new doctor was able to undo the colostomy and reconnect everything. The surgery healed, food was introduced and everything seemed okay for the first 2 months, then diarrhea began again. (The exact same condition that has started the 2 year horror.) Once again, Millie and her doctor tried medicines and nothing worked. She had chronic diarrhea. This time, however, Millie was willing to try Shaklee’s Optiflora and EZ-gest. She started by taking both products twice a day. Millie was already taking Vita-Lea, Vitamins C & E, Garlic, Calcium, B-complex, Lecithin and Zinc.

Two of her friends had decided her problem was caused by all the supplements she was taking. She didn’t want to tell them about the Optiflora and EZ-gest, so she told them she had a secret weapon. AND the secret weapon worked!! No more diarrhea. To think the entire two year nightmare may have been avoided had Millie used Optiflora initially. She is a happy grandmother. Lorri.