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Women’s World

As a mom, grandmother and professional businesswoman, I especially love helping women live optimal lives.

What is important to you?

Building or maintaining great health?
Fill out our survey “How Do You Feel Today?” and either let us help you decide which products would be of most benefit or go to our Shopping page or our Starter Ideas page to help you choose.

Maintaining or reaching your goal weight? Check out Pounds Down and Out in our Articles/Video section then go to our Shopping page for more information on the complete program.

Having beautiful skin? See the video Nutritional Therapy for the Skin, then check out the Shopping page or contact us for a free  demonstration.

Want to create an environmentally friendly, non-toxic home? The statistics are showing more asthma, allergies, and cancers that may be related to our toxic environments.  Click here to Go Green. You can see how everything works and why you would choose Shaklee green products.  See all of our product choices here and save money from the safe, concentrated formulas.

Love the idea of looking and feeling younger longer? Watch this video on aging and then on  Vivix, an amazing products that works at the cellular level to turn back the major effects of aging right at the source!  This is what helped my husband heal fast from surgery and has kept his brain functioning better than anyone expected.

Looking for tax benefits, earning extra income or a new career? Want to spend more time with family, travel more, even earn a new car?  Go through the videos on the Left side, then fill out your contact information to learn more. Whatever it is you need or want, please contact us so we can see if there is a fit.

As you can read in Our Story on the Welcome Page, I have been in business over 24 years because I benefited from some outstanding products, helped others and then realized that my Shaklee business was supporting us when my husband could no longer work.
My belief in the quality of these products and their effectiveness comes from knowing and helping hundreds of people change their lives and their health through Shaklee.
My belief in the business comes from knowing that the company is honest, the products well researched and the business compensation one of the most lucrative. You only succeed by helping others and I am all about that!!

To the Best of Health,