3 Must Do's for Healthy Living Start Your Journey Now!

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Q: Why do I need to start a health program now?  I feel fine.

A: The medical world is now saying that this may be the first generation where the children die younger than their parents – why do you think this might happen?
A: The US has seen a dramatic rise in asthma, cancer, heart disease obesity and diabetes over the last number of years
A: We promote PREVENTION, creating a healthy body and environment so that we can age gracefully, full of energy and quality of life.
A: Beginning a health program today can mean a much livelier and enjoyable tomorrow for anyone.


Q: If I eat a healthy diet, why would I need to supplement?

A: Are you eating organically?
A: How healthy is your diet?
A: Are you following the Food Pyramid?
A: Can you determine if your food has the actual nutrients in it?
A: Do you know that nutrient value in many foods has declined in the last 60 yrs up to 38%?
A: Would it make sense to add a guaranteed supply of the essential nutrients you need in quality, tested supplements to ensure you are covered?
A: Do you have any health issues?  This may mean you require more nutrients than the minimal to help you heal.


Q: What makes your products any better than any others?

A: Our chosen vendor, the Shaklee Corporation, has a 56 year history of quality products and no product recalls
A: They also have over 100 published research articles in peer-reviewed medical journals – unheard of by other nutrition companies.
A: Shaklee does over 300 tests for purity  – no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, lead or other contaminants.  They will not accept tainted raw materials – no other company does this kind of complete testing.
A: Shaklee products work!  They are tested on people like you and me for absorption.  And, they have a 100% guarantee.


Q: Your choice of supplements is usually more expensive than
mine. Why should I change?

A: Many supplements on the market are synthetic, which doesn’t absorb or react as well in your body as natural, food based products like Shaklee.  If your product doesn’t absorb or your body needs to fight some of the ingredients, what is the value of that product?
A: Shaklee not only guarantees the quality, purity and performance, but also refunds your money at 100% if dissatisfied.
A: Prices for quality products on the market are similar to Shaklee’s; however, most don’t have the research and clinical testing behind them that proves they work.


Q:  What can I do to improve my sports performance.

A: Shaklee sports nutritional products have been used by Olympic athletes since 1984.  Why?  Watch here.
A: The products that athletes use are Performance for hydration and extra stamina, Physique for recovery and repair and Energy Chews for an immediate burst of energy.  These products have worked well for Olympians to Weekend Warriors to improve and sustain performance.  Learn more here.


Q:  How do I keep from hurting after working out and over the next 2 days following?

A: We recommend a supplement that reduces lactic acid buildup from working out and helps to repair the muscle while increasing lean muscle mass.  Click here.
A: Do this within 45 minutes after working out and then 2 hours later.


Q: How can I stop my child from getting colds and earaches over and over?

A: Illness is about the foods we eat, the supplements we take and the environment we live in
A: Start with getting rid of toxic chemicals in your environment
A: Minimize sugar in your child’s diet
A: Add quality supplements to rebuild their immune system
A: Give them lots of love


Q:  Isn’t it just normal aging to be more tired, gain weight, lose muscle mass, have hot flashes, forget things?

A: Absolutely not!!  I was told that years ago when I was  over 40, had had surgery and was tired, falling asleep at work and gaining weight.  My doctor said I should expect to be more tired & gain weight.  I started a nutrition program and felt great again.  Today people are shocked to learn my actual age.
A: Making good choices in the foods you eat, the supplements you take, the exercise program you commit to and the attitude you take on can create a vibrant healthy life into your senior years.
A: Did you know that our bodies are capable of living to a healthy 100+ years?
A: Would it make sense to add a guaranteed supply of the essential nutrients you need by adding quality, tested supplements?


Q:  I can’t believe how old you are!  What do you do that makes your skin look so young?

A: The Shaklee skin care line, Enfuselle, is a nutrition based skin care that infuses nutrients into the skin and keeps lines and wrinkles to a minimum.  I just love the results.  Click here to learn more.


Q:  What’s the difference between your home care “Green” products – cleaners, dish care, laundry – and the other “Green” products on the market?

A: Value – because the products we recommend are so concentrated, their cost per gallon is very low in comparison.  Ask us for a price comparison sheet.
A: Many green products don’t work as well as their toxic chemical alternatives – Shaklee products work as well, and often better, than the competition both toxic and green.


Q:  I think “clean” is when it “smells clean”.  What do you mean by saying that the “clean smell” I like is not safe?

A: The toxic chemicals in commercial cleaners have strong smells that have been promoted by companies as part of “clean”
A: The results of these chemicals is thought to be everything from asthma and allergies to cancer, with many other reactions in between, including affecting brain chemistry.

See this amazing story as told on Oprah.

A: If you could use safe, green alternatives that actually worked as well or better, would it b worth a try?  Click here for more information.


Q:  Why should I think there is anything unsafe with the ingredients in the products I use every day?  Isn’t the government monitoring all of those things?

A: Unfortunately, the government doesn’t have the time or resources to monitor nutritional supplements or products we use daily.  For example, of the 80,000+ chemicals that have been added to products in the last 30 years, only about 2,000 have been tested for safety.
A: When many of the supplements on the market have been tested by outside sources, everything from lead to mercury, to little or no active ingredients has been found.  Check here for articles on supplement concerns.
A: Choosing products that are guaranteed safe and effective PLUS save you money is a great choice.  Shaklee fits into that category.  Click here for choices for your home care, here for daily personal care and here for starter nutritional programs ideas.