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Feel Younger Longer

How do we keep our Brains, Bones, and Breasts intact and still have a Libido at 80?

Excerpts from Margaret Christensen, MD, ObGyn

From Joan: Enjoy this article from Dr. Christensen.  It is so nice to have a wholistic MD who speaks to women with such clarity.  If you want more information or to see what we can do to help you, please respond to us – we are there to help your life be healthy, joyful and as youthful as possible.  I like the idea of being chronologically 70 and having the biological fitness of a 40 year old myself 🙂


“Cells age and lose function for a number of reasons unrelated to chronological (clock) time:
  • You can be 60 years old and have the biological fitness of a 35 year old, or you can be 40 with the biological fitness of someone 70 years old.
  • Five years from now you will be five years older chronologically, however you can feel 10 years younger biologically.

I help every patient understand that it takes about 5 years to replace every cell in the body with new ones — in essence we create a whole new body over that period of time. Some cells regenerate much faster, others slower.

When we understand the four biological mechanisms of why cells age and become damaged, and what influences those mechanisms, we can maximize healthy cell function, improve overall health and well being of the whole system, while decreasing cancer risk.

The four mechanisms include:

  • Damage to our DNA
  • Failure to repair the damaged DNA
  • Build up of old, toxic, protein “garbage” within our cells
  • Failure of mitochondria (power plants of every cell) to produce adequate energy within the cells to run them.

Basically, the aging process causes our cells to “rust” (oxidation by free radicals), “caramelize” (attach unwanted sugar molecules– yes like in cooking), “putrefy”(rancid oxidation of fats) or “dis-integrate” (fall apart from lack of energy).

Many hormones play a big role in modulating these processes as well as toxins, nutrients, diet and genetics. Using hormones judiciously, in small physiologic doses (like the body would make), within a whole program of balance, is the key to creating healthy longevity.

Often “anti-aging practitioners” use large quantities of hormones such as growth hormone, cortisol, DHEA, cell extracts, thyroid as well as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone– without really understanding the delicate functional interrelationship of our hormone systems with all other systems in the body. Without this understanding you may create a more dangerous mix of chemicals, causing further imbalance, and increase health risks, including cancers.

We become what we consume at all levels: mind/body/spirit. Unless you consume food, thoughts, words, images, relationships, etc., that create health and repair; while at the same time get rid of, or let go of what is toxic and no longer serves you, it becomes part of your body. Many toxins, both internal and external contribute to damaging DNA and making it difficult to create healthy new cells, thus aging us rapidly and causing illness.

My Approach to Healthy Longevity

I begin with assessing past medical issues, current hormonal imbalances, detoxification abilities, gut-health, anti-oxidant nutrient status, stress levels, support systems and healthy lifestyle practices (or the lack there of!)

Regular physical activity to generate new cells, circulate nutrients and release old toxins is critical. Simply walking on a daily basis is a good place to start.

Reducing stress hormones and protecting cells with anti-oxidants through diet and nutrients is one of the best ways to begin a healthy longevity program…Polyphenols, substances found in certain seeds and fruits, including resveratrol from grapes are some of the most powerful antioxidants scientifically shown to protect and repair DNA, improve mitochondrial energy production, and help keep cells clear of old protein buildup.

[My recommendation:]
The most potent, purified, highly concentrated formula available is called “Vivix”, developed by the Dr. David Sinclair, the world’s lead researcher on resveratrol and cancer prevention, from Harvard University [along with Shaklee Corporation]. One teaspoon a day is equivalent to the anti-oxidants in 100 glasses of wine! (without the liver toxicity or hot flashes!)   [For more information on Vivix and how to minimize cellular aging, go HERE]
So detoxify your liver and gut, clean up your diet, move your stuck energy, support your adrenals and thyroid, carefully replace missing hormones bioidentically and use quality pharmaceutical grade nutrients, especially extra anti-oxidants. You will feel younger and live longer!As a physician interested in healthy longevity, not just “anti-aging”, I use an integrative, holistic, functional medicine approach based on the science and physiology of bioidentical hormones, nutrients, lifestyle and detoxification. This is not “alternative medicine”, it’s biochemistry!”

Dr. Margaret Christensen

Note from Joan:  Dr. Christensen recommends Shaklee products in her practice.   She also does consultations.  We also have other health professionals that we can recommend for the various tests you might need to evaluate your own hormonal situation and health.