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Stress Got You

The serious impact of stress on your body creates a huge array of problems for both current and long term health. Over 75% of doctors visits are stress related (according to CDC report). Many people don’t realize they’re “self medicating” when they turn to alcohol, drugs, smoking, overeating, etc. f
or relief – these ‘stress relievers’ can cause even more stress and problems in their lives.

Stress Relief Complex helps relax the body, mind and spirit and enhances our ability to adapt to stress.

It’s a safe blend of natural ingredients (no Kava) that relieve many of the harmful, physical results of stress.

Signs of the need for stress relief:
anxiety, jumpiness
difficulty concentrating
short tempered
muscle tension, headaches
frequent angry outbursts
often feel stressed out, shaky, nervous
time-pressured deadlines; always rushing around
digestive problems
self-medicate with alcholo, drugs, smoking, overeating
weight gain in the abdominal area

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have SOME of this!!  Stress Relief Complex helps me in 10-15 minutes!!!  It’s amazing.  I have customers who call desperate when they run out or forget to order it.  AND, I have seen ADHD kids have immediate results, as well.

Other great stress relievers:  Osteomattrix (calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and MORE) to help you relax;  B-Complex – another great mood balancer – amazing for PMS; deep breathing, while thinking “I am Peace”.  All work well and sometimes all of them together can change your life!!!!