3 Must Do's for Healthy Living Start Your Journey Now!

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Family Health



  • Everyone waking up with lots of energy, ready for their day!
  • Your children, rather than home sick, staying healthy and in school!
  • Dealing with day-to-day stress with a more relaxed, balanced attitude!

All of this and more is possible!
I have done it!

No one likes to see our children or ourselves sick, tired, stressed or overweight.

I began this journey feeling all of those, plus had an ADHD child. I needed natural ideas to keep him off drugs and new ways to get a handle on my own health. Through research and training I found answers, many of which are simple.

Children’s Health
Every child needs the best possible start to every day. Besides filling a home with love, tempered with common sense discipline, what goes into their mouths is critical. Start great choices early so children don’t get used to the sugary, gummy food & supplement choices normally made.

Here are my recommendations:

    • Incredivites – a complete, high quality multi vitamin/mineral supplement to cover minimum needs.
    • Mighty Smart – Omega 3 with 100% daily DHA for children – Aids in brain development and is great for eyes, as well.
    • Meal Shakes (Vanilla or Chocolate) or Energizing Soy (Vanilla or Chocolate) – High quality, safe, non-GMO protein powders – to set their day with level blood sugar and help them focus and pay attention in school.
    • “Medicine Cabinet” nutrients – treat the beginning of illness naturally or deal with special needs – keep these on hand to stop or minimize unwanted ills.

Have you taken advantage of the free nutrition assessment? After completing the assessment in just 15 minutes together we determine what you can do to get to the real cause and find natural solutions.

Women’s Health
We are complicated creatures and need more balancing than our male counterparts! Essential additions for women, beyond the health basics, include help for difficult menstrual cycles and peri-menopause, as well as pregnancy. I also believe women have more stressful lives (I always felt it was a 24/7 job with family and work) which definitely effects our hormonal balance.

My recommendations:



To learn how to best use these programs, contact me for an assessment and my free 15 minute consultation. We’ll create the right program for you.

Men’s Health
I have often found men tend to avoid taking care of their health other than exercising and sports.  It’s amazing what happens when they go on a great health starter program!   They are amazed at how much better they feel.

My recommendations:


Sports Nutrition – Why not use products that Olympians successfully use?

My recommendation:

Be sure to take advantage of my free nutrition assessment, in just 15 minutes together we determine what is best for you right now.

Safe Enough for Kids to Clean

Safe Enough for Kids to Clean

Environmental Health – Toxic chemicals in our home affect our health by causing breathing problems and even cancers.

My recommendations:

  • Get Clean line from Shaklee – economical, safe for everyone, work exceptionally well.
  • Personal Care and YOUTH Skin Care – products that have no ingredients that are toxic to either you or the environment.



Be sure to take advantage of my free nutrition assessment,
in just 15 minutes together we determine what is best for you right now.