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Fresh Start Cleansing Program



Some call it a detox, some call it a cleanse, we call it “Fresh Start” – the proven way for you, AND your family to get healthy!

You Are What You Eat. . .

What you eat does affect your health. Nutrients act as a team. A deficiency of even one will decrease the effectiveness of all the others.

man_sandwhichToxins in our environment can impose an undue external burden, while poor digestion, lack of exercise, and negative thoughts and emotions can increase our internal toxic load. Our bodies do have the ability to detoxify when we take in essential nutrients from foods rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids along with pure water and oxygen.

Our bodies are exposed to a large number of unwanted chemicals every day. The majority are man-made substances that wind up in our food, air, and water, or are taken in the form of drugs. Toxins enter the body in the form of pesticide exposure from produce; preservatives, antibiotics, and estrogen in meat and animal products, prescription drugs, environmental toxins; and chemicals found in skin care and cleaning products.

All require detoxification if our bodies are to function optimally. Think of Fresh Start as a “toxin-puller”- the liver, kidneys, intestines, and skin act together to remove the toxins from fat cells and the liver.

The Fresh Start Cleansing Program is a two phase system, beginning with a comprehensive 7-day cleanse, followed by a 4-week “restore and rebuild” your health program.

We start with a 7 day cleansing diet designed to:
Remove those foods and lifestyle practices that have contributed to diminishing your body’s ability to function at its highest level.
Replace nutrient poor foods with nutrient dense ones.
Restore your sense of well-being.
Rebuild Over time, and with the adoption of the principles of Fresh Start, we help you rebuild your body’s health.

What Benefits Can I Expect from the Seven Day Program?
A BOOST IN ENERGY , usually by the third day!
BETTER FOCUS & CLARITY , usually by the third day!
CRAVINGS REDUCED for sugar, caffeine, fats, and nicotine!
HEALTHIER immune system!
TRUE APPETITE appropriate for you!
Kick-starting WEIGHT LOSS , if desired!
General HEALTH BUILDING cleanse for everyone; ideal weight or overweight!