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Green Choices


Toxic chemicals in our home affect our health by causing breathing problems and even cancers.

Over 80,000 chemicals have been created over the last 30 years, including household cleaners, personal care products and so much more.  Only 2-3,000 have actually been tested for safety.  Buyer beware!!

I believe in using as many safe, non-toxic, green products as possible in order to minimize risks for the health of you and your family.  In addition, I urge you to use as many reusable items, like glass food containers vs. throw away plastic, as possible.

My recommendations:

  • Get Clean line from Shaklee – economical, safe for everyone, work exceptionally well.
  • Personal Care and Enfuselle Nutritional Skin Care – products that have no ingredients that are toxic to either you or the environment

By making these types of choices, we are helping in the effort to clean up our planet and to save ourselves.

I encourage you to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.


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