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Immune Building


immune_allHow about trying a nutritional approach to, first, keep your body healthy to prevent illness and, second, if you do get sick, use immune boosting nutrients to stem the illness.  Obviously, you go to the doctor if your fever is high or the nutrients selected don’t help.

My recommendations:

  • Great Health Basics
  • Get enough rest and sleep
  • Take care of stress (see below)
  • Create a “Medicine Cabinet” of nutritional support, including
    • Vita C – sustained release vitamin C – 5 hour release
    • Chewable Vitamin C – for children
    • Defend & Resist – Echinacea, Larch tree, Zinc & Elderberry
    • Immune Formula I – combination of quick acting nutrients to boost the immune system
    • Nutriferon – *patented formula – powerful immune builder, helping the body’s immune system to stay strong
    • Vitalized Immunity – a powerful start to stopping colds and flu quickly in a fizzy tablet – Vitamin C and other immune nutrients

Be sure, if you do go on an antibiotic or steroid, you repopulate your gut with good bacteria.

My recommendation:

  • Optiflora pre and probiotics plus following a yeast reduction program.


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