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Why I Choose Shaklee

In business since 1956. While the information below explains why these are quality products, the bottom line is that THEY WORK!! After over 30 years of personal use and sharing with others, I can tell you the difference in results is amazing. See these testimonials.


  • Long term commitment to quality
  • Quality tests per year for content & absorbability – over 100,000
  • Over 350 tests on raw ingredients to ensure purity
  • Ingredients you need, nothing you don’t


  • Over 100 Olympic medals won
  • Successful Weight Loss programs
  • Green products that work


  • 55+ years of careful clinical research
  • Over 100 articles published in peer review journals
  • Published Landmark study showing outstanding health results in people using the products over 20 years
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • Unique delivery systems
  • Tested for absorption
  • Correct combinations in the right balance


Joan’s Shaklee Site
The Shaklee Product Guide

For actual research and clinical studies go to healthresource.shaklee.com.

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