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Great Starter Programs


Essential Nutrition

Good – The Mini Starter
Vita Lea Multi Vitamin and Mineral – 120tabs
2 month supply
Energizing Soy – one month supply

Vitalizer – a combination of 10 bottles of nutrients – multi-vitamins and minerals; Omega 3’s;
antioxidants & vitamin E; Extra B & C; Probiotics or Life Plan strips – Multivitamins and minerals;
extra Omega 3’; Vivix anti-aging cellular repair and rebuilding. For more information go here
Energizing Soy – 15 grams of protein daily or
Life Plan Shake – a meal in a shake, including vitamins, minerals, pre and probiotics and more

Create Lifelong Vitality, Heart Protection, Immune Strength Plus
Men’s – Heart, Prostate, Immune, Energy, Joints, Muscles, Digestive Health and more
Women’s – Bones, Breast, Heart, Immune, Energy, Reproductive, Digestion, Hair,
Skin & Nails Health and More
Gold – Healthy Aging, Heart, Bone & Joint, Immune,
Brain, Vision, Digestive Health, Energy and More
This single daily strip is backed by 55 years of science &
is clinically proven to create a foundation for a longer, healthier life.
Take the 30 day challenge to see if you feel better AND
join our consumer “club” for FREE plus receive a 15% savings

Clean Up Your Act

5 Day Detox
180 Energizing Tea
Liver DTX
180 Snack Bars
Detoxing foods & water
Includes coaching, as needed

Fresh Start Cleansing Program
One month program with food lists, recipes,
coaching and supplements
Go here for a complete introduction
Use the password “fresh start”

Other Programs

Power Up – Sports Nutritionsports
Vita Lea Multi-vitamin/mineral
Performance Sports Drink
Physique Recovery Drink
This program is used by Olympic athletes, who always have to perform at their best. Their stories…

Joint Health & Inflammation
Add to the Essential program:
Joint Health Complex
Pain Relief Complex, as needed
This program helps rebuild cartilage and neutralize inflammation

Immune Boosting

Vita C
Vita D3
Sleep – 7 to 8 hours for adults
Keep your system strong before you get hit with viruses and flus.

When you get sick:
Vitalized Immunity
Immune Formula I
Defend and Resist
For other ideas and my own program, contact me

Pounds Down and Out
180 Turnaround Program
Life Plan Maintenance
Detox Program
Determine whether you have a
yeast problem or a thyroid condition
Ask for an assessment

(Calcium, magnesium & other nutrients)
Stress Relief Complex
Breathing exercises
Gratitude list
Sleep (7-8 hours)

Women’s Health
womenEssential Nutrition plus
Menstrual Challenges:
Irritability –B-Complex
Cramps – Osteomatrix
Menopause Balancing Complex
Vita E Complex

Children’s Health
Incredivites – Chewable Multi
Mighty Smart – Omega 3’s
Protein Smoothie:
Meal Shakes or
Energizing Soy
Get Clean Household Products

Cellular Anti-Aging
Add to an Essential Nutrition Program

Advanced Anti-Aging Nutritional Skin Care

Go Green
Get Clean Household Kit

Cleaning Set Up:
Basic H2
Bottle Setup
Extra Instructions

Other Cleaners:
Scour Off
Basic G (Germicide, Disinfectant)
Germ Off Wipes
Basic H2 Wipes

Fresh Laundry (liquid or powder)
Nature Bright (bleach substitute)
Nature Bright Container
Soft Fabric Liquid or Sheets

Dish Wash – Hand or Dishwasher
Hand Wash