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Starter Ideas

Mini Starter

Vita Lea Multi Vitamin and Mineral – 120tabs
Energizing Soy
Basic H2
Bottle Kit

Total at Member price $76.20
with Physique  $73.65

Better Starter Program

Vitalizer – 10 bottles of over 80 nutrients in a daily strip
Energizing Soy
Basic H2 and Bottle Setup

Total at Member Price $132.40, Autoship – $124.48
with Physique $129.85, Autoship – $121.93
with Cinch (a complete meal) $137.30, Autoship – $129.38

Clean Up Starter – Prepare your body

Fiber Plan

Total at Member Price $71.05
Second month – Clean your liver
Liver DTX $37.25

Lifelong Vitality, Heart Protection, Immune Strength Plus – Vitalizer

Men’s – Heart, Prostate, Immune, Energy, Joints, Muscles,

Digestive Health  and More  – $79.25

Women’s – Bones, Breast, Heart, Immune, Energy, Reproductive,

Digestive, Hair, Skin & Nails Health and More – $79.25

Gold – Healthy Aging, Heart, Bone & Joint, Immune, Brain, Vision,

Digestive Health, Energy and More – $84.95

This single daily strip is backed by 55 years of science & is clinically

proven to create a foundation for a longer, healthier life.

Take the 30 day challenge to see if you feel better AND join

our consumer “club” for FREE including a 15% savings.

10% off for AutoShip

Cellular Anti-Aging

Vivix – repair, clean up, energize your cells
Cutting edge product to slow key elements in cellular aging
Check out Vivix – $85 Member – 10% off on AutoShip