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Ultimate Lifestyle Program

Want to Lose 20 lbs and Keep It Off?


 The Ultimate Lifestyle Program

Designed for anyone who needs a sustainable plan to lose at least 20 pounds and keep it off.
Helpful for everyone who wants to create a successful, long term health program.
By Dr. Steve Chaney – Offered by Joan Lubar-Alvarez

What is the Ultimate
Lifestyle Program?

The Ultimate Lifestyle Program is a comprehensive 12-week program to help you succeed in your quest for a longer, healthier life – and to lose weight in the process. Most of you want to lose weight, but the goal of this program is not to help you achieve weight loss alone. You probably already know that the long term success of weight loss programs is distressingly low. The goal of this program is to teach you a healthier lifestyle. And when you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals, the weight loss will take care of itself.

Who is the Ultimate Lifestyle Program
designed for?

The Ultimate Lifestyle Program is the perfect solution for:

  • People who want to lose weight and keep it off long term
  • People who want to focus on lifestyle change
  • People who want a 90 day comprehensive lifestyle change and support program
  • People who want a simple tracking and accountability tools
  • People who love weekly rewards for tracking your progress
  • People who need expert guidance
  • People who want clinically proven to maintain lean muscle mass & keep metabolic rate high while losing the weight
  • Lifestyle change program provides the foundation for long term weight maintenance

How does the Ultimate Lifestyle Program work?   

The Ultimate Lifestyle Program is a complete 90 day lifestyle change program that will give you the tools you need to successfully change your lifestyle, your weight and your health forever.

It All Begins With Assessment: You will start by using the forms we provide to assess your current diet, fitness level and health status. You will then use that information to set your lifestyle change goals for the next 90 days. Each week you will be encouraged to share your successes at achieving your lifestyle change goals on our group Forum so that you can encourage and support each other.

Based On Sound Nutritional Principles: You will be using diet products and following a meal plan specially formulated to help you retain muscle mass (and keep your metabolic rate high). As you go through the program you will learn how to transition to a healthy eating pattern that will keep those pounds off permanently.

Learn Lifestyle Change Secrets from Weekly Video Blasts: With the Ultimate Lifestyle Program you will receive a comprehensive educational experience to help you learn lifelong skills and succeed with both your weight and lifestyle goals. Each week you will have three short video blasts – a “Nutrition Makeover” video that covers topics in nutrition and healthy eating, a “Fitness Makeover” video that covers topics in exercise and fitness, and a “Mind Makeover” video that covers the psychological and behavioral aspects of weight control – all designed to guide you along your path to a new, healthier lifestyle.

Share Your Lifestyle Successes on Our Group Forum: Each week you will be asked to share your progress towards achieving your goals. However, unlike some programs that focus on your failures, we will ask you to focus on your successes. Each success is a stepping stone towards that longer, healthier life that you aspire to have. Step by step you will be learning how to take control of your life and create a healthy lifestyle.

What the 12 Weekly Ultimate Lifestyle Videos Cover:

The “Nutrition Makeover” videos will teach you:
• Which foods are your friends and which you should avoid
• How to make the best choices in the supermarket
• How food manufacturers trick you into eating unhealthy foods
• How to navigate restaurants, family gatherings, parties and holidays with your lifestyle –
and your waist intact.
• How to cope with stress, anxiety and other moods without overeating.
• How to make your house “fat proof”.

And, you’ll learn “fun” things like:
• Why “diet” foods make you fat
• Why there is no perfect sugar
• How to drink alcohol without getting fat
• Why snacks are your friends

The “Exercise Makeover” videos will teach you:
• How to start your exercise program
• The 3 components of an exercise program – strength, endurance & mobility
The 3 phases of training – conditioning, toughening & sustaining

• Stretching and cooling down
• Strengthening your core
• Fluid balance
• Fueling your body – high performance catalysts
• Nutrient timing
• Over training

The “Mind Makeover” videos will teach you:
• How to change the way you think about food
• How to change the way that you think about exercise
• How to change the way that you think about your ability to make positive changes in your lifestyle
The Makeover videos teach you how to internalize lifestyle changes so that the lifestyle changes become what you do naturally, without even thinking about it.

[highlight color=”yellow”] SPECIAL OFFER [/highlight]
[highlight color=”yellow”] This program usually costs $97
$50 gets you the WHOLE Program – videos, emails, support

Once you purchase your Ultimate Lifestyle Program, you will be redirected to the purchase of the 180 Turnaround Kits.  Be sure to customize it to your liking.
If you have already started, here’s to your great success!!

Need more information?  Watch the Introductory video below and get a better understanding of how amazing this program truly is!

This program will run both online

and in person.

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Once you purchase your Ultimate Lifestyle Program, you will be
redirected to the purchase of the 180 Turnaround Kits.  Be sure to customize it to your liking.