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Your Thyroid

Following is a quote from the newsletter of Dr. Pamela Jeanne, ND. Since thyroid problems seem to be a major and yet often undiagnosed problem, I wanted to share her information. At the end you may go to a website to test your own thyroid and adrenal health. What a surprise it may be for you. It was for me!!

News from Natural Medicine Works, Dr. Pamela Jeanne

Thyroid Gland – Is Yours Working?

“This small important gland is an essential energy regulator as it stimulates the body’s metabolism and function. At least 27 million people have been diagnosed with either too much thyroid hormone called hyperthyroidism or too low hormone production called hypothyroidism most often seen with women seven times more often than men. According to Dr. Oz only half of the people are diagnosed with this dysfunction; it is frequently missed.
So what is the problem? Scientists only know partly why the thyroid malfunctions.

Three commonly known causes are:

  • Exposure to radiation
  • Autoimmune issues (often a missed diagnosis)
  • Smoking (a known oxidant that damages cells)

What are the signs and symptoms to watch for?

  1. Fatigue – high on the list
  2. Unexplained depression or low mood
  3. Feeling cold or hot most of the time (thyroid is our human thermostat).
  4. Anxiety
  5. Heart palpitations
  6. Hair loss
  7. Brittle nails
  8. Dry skin
  9. Problems with sleep can be perplexing and thyroid may be a culprit.

Testing only one thyroid parameter is the reason most thyroid problems are missed.

I highly recommend these four tests if a person is having any above issues:

1. TSH (actually it is a pituitary hormone)

2. TPO – measures thyroid antibodies

3. free T4 (inactive hormone)

4. free T3 (active hormone)

This is proactive health care. If your physician refuses to test beyond the TSH and you clearly have the symptoms, then testing through this website is a solution www.hormonesanity.com. Medical doctors have specific training that is not necessarily all inclusive and often dictated by insurance parameters.”

Dr. Jeanne specializes in women’s issues and can be reached at 503-720-8999.

I also have more information on thyroid and nutritional solutions. Be happy to work with you, as well.

Joan – joan@jlahealthstop.com