3 Must Do's for Healthy Living Start Your Journey Now!

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Healthy Weight Loss


Obesity – The #1 Health Problem in the U.S.

Being overweight to obese is a major problem in the US. It isn’t simply about looking good. It’s about having a quality of life that minimizes risks of disease, sluggishness, low energy and low libido.

Finding a weight loss and maintenance program that actually is a long term health program is not easy, but, thankfully it’s possible.


My recommendation:

While you don’t have to cleanse first, imagine how much better the results when the debris is released and out of your body so you can now absorb your nutrients better.  Here are 2 choices:

5 Day Reset

Fresh Start Cleansing Program

The Shaklee 180 Program and Lean & Healthy Maintenance
(see below)

These programs keep your muscle while burning the fat.  This ensures inch loss, as well as, weight loss, are safe and based on building great health.

The Shaklee 180 Weight Loss


  • Take your shape in a whole new direction
  • Keep Your Muscle
  • Burn Your Fat
  • Increase Your Health
  • Get the Support You Need
  • Finally, a Complete Program with recipes, exercise videos, an online community support, & so much more.

Shaklee Vitalizing Plan

  • Your maintenance program to keep your body healthy and at the weight you want!

I offer a free nutritional assessment to also determine if there is
any other block to weight loss, plus a 15 minute free consultation.