3 Must Do's for Healthy Living Start Your Journey Now!

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In today’s world of a fast spreading, mostly unknown virus we have yet to understand and conquer with either a vaccine or a cure, our lives feel as though they are in limbo.  Many of us are mostly staying at home, trying to make the most of it.

Given the lack of testing available and the projections of many more covid19 cases, we instead have to take personal responsibility for our own health.  To me that means we need to do what is necessary to build our immune systems while following the protocol of our state.

Our bodies are amazing.  They are like a chemical factory always watching for invaders and ready to attack and destroy the enemy before it takes over.  The magnificence of its ability to care for and heal us is truly miraculous.  But why does it do its job for one person and not another?  Why does one person’s immune system seem to be strong enough to withstand almost anything while another succumbs at the first introduction of unwanted foes?

Why might we have a weakened immune system that subjects us to disease so easily?

Here are some possibilities to consider:

Excess toxic waste in our systems
Are you exposed to air pollutants both outside and in?
What products are you using to clean, do laundry, bathe and put on your skin?
Did you know you also have excess waste from body processes?
Do you live a fast paced lifestyle?
Do you have anxiety from current situations?
Is there no time for yourself?
Is your job or income almost gone?
Lack of rest
Are you getting 7-8 hours each night?
High sugar and processed food diets
What do you eat every day?  How much thought do you put into it?
Lack of exercise
Are you getting 3 to 5 times of ½ hours of exercise each week?
Low water intake
Are you are drinking at least 8 8oz. servings a day of (preferably) pure water?
Poor eating habits
How many servings of fruits and veggies (fresh) do you eat each day?
What are your protein choices?
Do you eat on the fly, go to many fast food restaurants?

Did you know that 40% of your immune system process takes place in your gut?  A clean digestive tract can save your life.  This discussion will be in a later article.

Building Your Immune System

  • Get enough sleep – 7-8 hours
  • Find an exercise you love – do it 3-4 times a week, at least 30 minutes
  • Minimize sugar, white flour and processed foods
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and quality, lean meats, poultry & fish
  • Use high quality supplements to fill in the gaps
  • Use “Medicine cabinet nutrients” to build a strong immune system and at first sign of illness – I’ll post my personal favorites next week
  • Drink warm (non-alcoholic) drinks; keep warm
  • Find time to relax and destress; find fun activities
  • Meditate or pray regularly
  • And, of course, have a bit of dark chocolate daily -:)

These are just a summary of ideas.  Next week I will go more in depth into some of these.  My goal today is to start you thinking about the changes you may want to make to reduce your risk of all viruses and today, especially, the corona virus.