3 Must Do's for Healthy Living Start Your Journey Now!

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Just the other day I spoke with Kit who had caught Covid and had some miserable symptoms, including horrible headaches and extreme fatigue.  About 2 weeks into it, she began a well planned nutritional supplement program and within days began to feel better.  Her body was craving help and she finally got it!  From that point on she recovered fast and now is back to work.
Today we are in the middle of serious pandemic, sequestered at home with minimal choices of places to go, stressed from businesses failing or with severe cuts in income and high unemployment.  Just part of a perfect storm of major challenges, not to mention the addition of an all consuming protest movement.  People are fearful and many are feeling helpless/powerless?  People are afraid of losing their jobs and homes and then, even more frightening, their lives. We are constantly told that we must wait months for therapeutic drugs and vaccines to counter this growing viral pandemic.

  • What if we thought about this situation differently?
  • What if people realized that they might be stuck in the paradigm that “sick care” is their “health care”?
  • What if people realized that “well care” is an option that relies on their own body to do its own healing and that they could be the masters of how their bodies respond to outside forces?
  • What if people realized that they have could have control and power over the rising tide of Covid19 cases, at least for themselves and their families?

Can anyone show us how to completely prevent contracting Covid19?  Of course not.  Right now we are doing the best we can to minimize our exposure by washing our hands enough, using masks, doing social distancing and staying away from large crowds.

Today I am going to share 4 Essential Tips that can help almost anyone, just like Kit, minimize the effects of this and other viruses and bacterial infections plus help you and your families choose “well care” over “sick care”.  And, if you do get ill, how about bouncing back faster?

Imagine having the tools to protect you & your family because you built better health and strong, powerful immune system.

You know, Americans are in a love frenzy with foods – So many live to eat rather than eat to live.  Not that you can’t do both but many of us make choices called the S.A.D. diet or Standard American Diet. We are talking about addictive processed foods, sugary snacks, high fat meats and unlimited sodas.  Can you relate to that?  In addition, most industrialized farms have poured tons of toxic chemicals and sprays on their fruits and vegetables, adding more to our toxic body buildup.  Yuk!

We really are what we eat and that translates to either choosing wisely and building healthy cells or being overfed and undernourished with deficient food choices creating lower quality body parts.

What should one do?  I’m sure either your mother, grandmother or both told you what most of us already know – eat your fruits and veggies, minimize sugary products and get enough rest.  But is that enough?

A strong immune system and a healthy body require a bit more, especially during a pandemic, let alone the upcoming flu season.  Why not feel empowered with a new sense of control because you have  fed your physical body and your soul?

Here are my 4 Essential Tips to combat Covid19 and other flus and viruses:

    1. Additional supplements in your daily regimen. Add:
      1. vitamin C (at least 2000 split through the day),
      2. vitamin D3 shown to help your immunity,
      3. zinc lozenges to coat your throat and protect the virus from entering your lungs,
      4. turmeric, a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory (either self made tea with black pepper and fat or an extract supplement with black pepper in it)
    2. Work on your stress –
      1. deep breathing exercises,
      2. meditation, prayer,
      3. talking out your concerns with someone close who cares.
      4. for extra help to calm your nerves, add a complete B-Complex or Ashwaganda.
    3. Do some sort of movement daily to relieve tensions and get your blood circulating.
    4. Begin to be intentional about making healthier, fresher food choices. It’s amazing how eating better quality foods not only changes how you feel but helps you get off of addictive bad food habits.

How important is your health?  What if you took a look at these new ideas and got your body strong enough to fight its battles from the inside out and do its own healing.

I’ve been helping people with these ideas for over 30 years.  Experience counts.  I know you can do this even BEFORE you get sick.  Try it!  You may love it!!

Contact me for more help and information – joan@thesassysage.com or on the contact form on this website.