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I just ran across this old quiz that I thought would be fun to take.
What drives you?  “The very traits that  fuel you also create emotional blind spots: scenarios in which you’re least likely to attend to your own needs.”  WOW!  Are these traits sabotaging our self care?   Thank you Johathan Kaplan, PhD, author of “Urban Mindfulness: Cultivating Peace, Presence, and Purpose in the Middle of It All”.  Let me know who YOU are!

  1.  Pretend you have an unlimited budget and 2 weeks to kill.  What’s your ideal vacation?
    A.  Bucket list time!  Maybe a hike in Machu Picchu, maybe learn to surf in Hawaii.
    B. You’ve always wanted to try a voluntourism trip – maybe build a school in Guatemala or monitor sea turtle in Mexico.
    C. Enjoying a breathtaking sunset like on a picture perfect postcard on a white sandy beach
    D. You’d have everyone in your family weigh in: you are not that picky.
  2. You leave your sister-in-law an urgent message and two hours later she still hasn’t responded.  You think:
    A. Actually, you don’t think anything.  Between rushing to the gym and stopping at the grocery store, you forgot you even texted her.
    B. “I should call and make sure she’s okay.”
    C. “She must be tied up; she’ll buzz me later.”
    D. “I hope she’s not angry that I didn’t call her back yesterday.”
  3.  Which of the following are you most likely to post on Facebook?
    A. Photos from the weekend: the garden you are planting, the dinner party you hosted the new table you bought at a flea market, etc.
    B. An invitation for friends to join you at this week’s local blood drive.
    C. An inspirational quote.  You have been on an Anne Lamott kick lately.
    D. A survey for your friends:  Which movie should you see and where is the best place to eat afterwards.
  4. Your friends and family can rely on you to:
    A. Brainstorm solutions when they hit a bump in the road.
    B. Offer a shoulder to cry on when the going gets tough.
    C. Point out the silver lining in difficult circumstances.
    D. Say the right thing in any situation.
  5. You are getting pizza with your extended family.  You really want anchovies, but they wrinkle their noses.  What do you do?
    A. Get your own pie and convince your fish-averse tablemates to try it.
    B. Nibble at a slice of mushroom pizza they ordered, even though you are not a mushroom fan.
    C. Order your own anchovy pizza and quietly savor every bite.
    D. Ask for a side of anchovies for your slices.
  6. You have your eye on a gorgeous necklace and you know your significant other hasn’t bought you a birthday present yet.  You…
    A. Tell what you want and exactly where to find it.
    B. Drop a hint, but then silently worry the gift will seem extravagant.
    C. Remind yourself that it’s the thought that counts an whatever he gets will be heartfelt.
    D. Ask your friend if she likes the necklace before you decide if you really want it.
  7. Your sister stops by, nervous about her new – and totally unflattering – haircut.  What do you do?
    A. Promise to find her an appointment and then call everywhere until you score a same day opening.
    B. Offer to shift your schedule and accompany her to the salon.  If you talk to the stylist, there’s no chance she’ll walk out with another bad haircut.
    C. Assure her that it will grow out in no time.
    D. Distract her with compliments about her new outfit.
  8. You are about to be evaluated at work.  Which of the following would you most like to hear from your boss?
    A. Your work ethic is impressive.
    B. You are exceptionally supportive of your colleagues.
    C. You come up with so many great ideas.
    D. Everyone here raves about how easy you are to work with.
  9. When you are sick, which are you most likely to do?
    A. Call your doctor for an emergency prescription.  You can’t get sick this week.
    B. Intend to see the doctor, but get waylaid by a request to help your coworker finish a big project.
    C. Take an herbal remedy and tell yourself you’ll feel better tomorrow.
    D. Grin and bear it.  Your significant other has his/her heart set on your plans tonight.

Tally which letter you circled most.
If you chose:
A – You are a Striver
B – You are a Nurturer
C – You are a Romantic
D – You are a Peacekeeper