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Want To Keep Your Brains, Bones, and Breasts Intact and Still Have a Libido at Age 80?


When I read the following from Dr. Margaret Christensen, it reminded me that most of us suffer from “premature aging”. I love the idea of being chronologically 70 while having the biological fitness of a 40-year-old.

Aging is all about your cells. Dr. Christensen explains the basics of how to grow younger—biologically.

“Cells age and lose function for a number of reasons unrelated to chronological time. You can be 60 years old and have the biological fitness of a 35 year old, or you can be 40 with the biological fitness of someone 70 years old.”

Basically, the aging process causes our cells to “rust” (oxidation by free radicals), “caramelize” (attach unwanted sugar molecules– yes like in cooking), “putrefy”(rancid oxidation of fats) or “dis-integrate” (fall apart from lack of energy).

Using hormones judiciously, in small doses within a whole program of balance, is the key to creating healthy longevity.

Consuming food, thoughts, words, images, relationships, etc., creates cell health and repair. If you don’t let go of what is toxic and no longer serves you, it becomes part of your body.

Reducing stress hormones and protecting cells with anti-oxidants through diet and nutrients is one of the best ways to begin a healthy longevity program.

Dr. Christensen recommends Shaklee products in her practice and says that the most potent anti-oxidant formula she’s found is Shaklee’s liquid dietary supplement, “Vivix.” One teaspoon a day is equivalent to the anti-oxidants in 100 glasses of wine! And remember, as Dr. Christensen says, “This is not ‘alternative medicine,’ it’s biochemistry.”

To learn more about Vivix, go here.