3 Must Do's for Healthy Living Start Your Journey Now!

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Are you a woman who is: SMART about health, PASSIONATE about quality, COMMITTED to prevention?

What does that mean?

We often go through life at such a fast pace, struggling to get everything done

  • wakeup and jump out of bed,
  • quickly shower and dress,
  • make sure the kids are up, fed, ready for school or daycare,
  • pack lunches that are hopefully nutritious
  • Gobble down breakfast (maybe) and

Oh – and it’s only 8:00 am

After a full day at work with all of its stresses, we

  • run home or meet at some game
  • maybe stop at the grocery store
  • arrive home to fix dinner
  • do dishes and clean up
  • help with homework
  • send kids off to bed and
  • THEN sit down, only to remember the laundry needs doing or the house needs straightening.

Does that sound like you?

We really WANT to keep ourselves and our kids from getting constant colds or flu, have balanced meals with quality foods, keep the deficiencies down to a minimum, and make sure you all have enough exercise. Here is where we come in.

Our goal is to help professionals and parents take care of their children and also themselves, using simple ideas, products and decision making tools to help life flow more easily.

What is “SMART” about health?

Are being tired, needing more stamina, dragging to work healthy indicators? What if you could get some help that would give you the energy and stamina you want? Make each day a more active playground for you and your kids with safe, natural and healthy choices.

Why be “PASSIONATE” about quality?

Products and foods today may have everything from lead to pesticides to unknown chemical toxins. Not only is this not listed on the labels, but also these products may be unbalanced and filled with junk.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find a product line that is consistently high quality, tested for contaminants, and guarantees results?

What is “COMMITTED” to prevention?

Imagine a world where you and your family wake up with energy each day, feel more balanced, and have less illness! Would it be helpful if you didn’t need to take off workdays for sick family members? Would it be helpful to know that you are not exposing your family to unnecessary toxins when you clean, do laundry, and use daily personal care products?

Prevention means:

  • to stop exposure to those things that can harm you,
  • to add high quality, essential nutrients to ensure the body stays strong and can fight off infection.
  • to move from disease care to preventative health care.

If what I’ve said sparks an interest and you want to take action, then this is the website for you. I would love to assist you to create that “fit and fabulous” feeling and even create a new and exciting career helping to bring health and prosperity to people around the world.

To the Best of Health Always,

Joan Lubar-Alvarez, Certified Nutrition Advisor & Wellness Educator
JLA Health Stop