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OMG – I forgot to place my computer bag under the table at Kathleen Gage’s workshop last week, got up to get coffee and SPLAT!!  I landed on the right side of my leg and twisted my foot under heels that I should not have been wearing.

Embarrassing?  Oh, YES!  Painful?  DOUBLE YES!!!  Most of the day was spent at the workshop with ice on my propped up leg.  To leave at the end I had some wonderful help from 2 lovely participants and I went on to Beaverton to my healing session with Master Soul.

Could that timing have been better?  Absolutely not!  I got home, took an Epsom Salts bath, added my trusty Shaklee nutrition and by the end of the evening – NO LEG PAIN!!!  The next morning the only thing still hurting was my foot and ankle, which I wrapped, then moved on to more nutritional help.  AGAIN, by the end of the day, NO PAIN at all!!!  By the end of the week I went camping and was walking fine!

I am writing this, not just to share how quickly I recovered but to also share the new Shaklee Performance products, perfect for just such a mishap but also to keep all of us from those miserable aches and pains after workout.  Check out the video and connect with me if  you want to learn more: