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It does seem that every day a new “threat” to our health appears in our technical and toxic world.  Today, although this is not new news, I read an article on the potential damage from the radiation emitting from cell phones.

The basics of the article by Dr. Axe is that the jury is still out but why not do some precautionary things just in case.  He cites smoking as an example of something we didn’t know was dangerous and when we learned about it, it was too late for many.

Briefly, here is the list of preventive tips:
1.  Keep cell phones away from your body for lower electromagnetic radiation.  It is 50xvlower at 3 feet, while 75% lower at 2 inches.

2.  Keep it out of your pocket or from under your pillow as it still transmits to cell towers  even if you are not talking.

3.  If you want to use your phone as an alarm clock, put it in airplane or offline mode to prevent sleep disrupting cell phone radiation.

4. Cell phones create more radiation when you are moving in cars, trains or other transports because your phone is trying to connect with different towers as you move.  Avoid using cell phones while traveling around.

5. Talk less, text more – or for me, use the speaker phone more so you can move it away.

Food for thought while waiting for more definitive information!