3 Must Do's for Healthy Living Start Your Journey Now!

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Yikes!  Did someone say, “How would you like to feel at 40, 50, 60, 70, even 80 and beyond?  Good grief –  80?  What have you done to prepare????   Hey!  Best to start today so you can be known, like me,  as the energetic grandparent who runs circles around so many of those younger.

All kidding aside, who wouldn’t want to lead a happy, energetic & healthy life until it is time to kick off!!

Ok, let me push myself to the front of the line.  What have I done?  Where did I start? There is a funny commercial out where a person says if I just eat this one piece of broccoli I will be healthy, then it cuts to a person lifting a weight one time and says,  “Just think if I just lift this weight one time, I will be healthy”. NOT SO FAST!!   As we grow older I believe we need to find different ways to keep our immune system strong to fight off disease, exercise to stay limber and flexible, supplements to keep our bones, mind, muscles and body strong.  You can feel great no matter what your age!

Think about it and get committed to a program revolving around your nutrition, including foods and supplement choices, your exercise, doing something your love, and having a great attitude to lighten your heart.

Get motivated!   Begin by moving!  Don’t go crazy.   Start with walking or some activity you enjoy.   Build up slowly, but stick to it. Get a friend to work out with you and have fun with it. Keep building up your activity.  Start slowly with food changes, lowering your sugar and wheat products and add more fresh veggies and fruits plus add quality supplements to fill in the gaps.  Lastly, be grateful daily for the good things in your life and don’t dwell on what you cannot change.

If you start now and make these habits,  you will be on the road to good health the rest of your life. Yes, you will stumble and get bored but keep going back to start again, if you have to.  Something is better than nothing.

Want a free 15 minute conversation with me that could start you on the road to a healthier body through nutrition and supplements?  What do you have to lose?