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We all want to enjoy our friends and families over the holidays, right? Yet how many of us stress out trying to get everything done from decorating to present buying while still maintaining our businesses or jobs at an acceptable level?

If you have expectations of a perfect, picturesque holiday then you are bound to be disappointed. The major cause of this stress is unrealistic expectations. As the holidays approach, we set expectations of how it should be.

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Stress Tips   

*  Turn off the news!  – When you stop watching and listening, see how much calmer you are – do you have to know about the latest accident or complaint?

*  Learn deep breathing, as in yoga – it slows down your heart rate and calms you. Think, “I am …. peace” as you breathe in and out deeply.    

Stay away from sugar – Amazing how something so yummy can be so bad for you! It lowers your immune system, makes you feel bloated and even depressed, opens you to allergy responses more readily, and is inflammatory!  This is NOT impossible, just do it in between parties and get togethers.

Choose more fresh fruits and vegetables – Choose what you eat wisely whenever possible, especially when you have no party plans.    

Find an exercise you love – Find one you love and do it as often as possible. A great idea is to listen to Christmas or other music and dance to it. You will feel great!!

*  Add food based supplements, especially ones that help you get back in balance and calm your nerves. I use Shaklee B-complex and Stress Relief Complex plus Osteomatrix, a calcium combination to soothe me. B-complex is especially good to stop a hangover!!

* Find new adventures and activities to do with friends and family that are not expensive or free – board games, volunteering, joining friends for a pot luck brunch, helping others decorate or cook

* Make your workspace and workplace more fun to be in – decorate, encourage group lunches, say “Hi” and “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas” more often, especially to those you don’t know.

While these are just a few tips, there are many more to not only make the holidays more fun, but also to prevent weight gain and boost your spirit.

Let me make this easier for you! If you like what you read here and are in the Portland area and want me to “de-stress” your office or you, please contact me.

Food and Drink Tip Don’t want that awful hangover in the morning after a holiday party?  Take B-Complex (Shaklee’s works fast and is balanced and whole food based) before bed (if you can remember to..) and in the morning.  Helps you feel better fast!